Infocentrum Rokytnice v Orlických horách
Infocentrum Rokytnice v Orlických horách

Tips for Trips

Tips for Trips

Dear Visitors to the Rychnov Microregion!

We are delighted to have the opportunity to welcome you to our region where you have decided to spend your holiday time or you are just about to visit us. We should like to draw your attention to the most intriguing places and sights including their surroundings.

The place from which we advise you to start your exploration of your region is definitely the town of Rychnov nad Kněžnou. From there we suggest to you several routes and ideas focusing on the top attractive places of the region. These are only general items of information on the whole-day trips we recommend to you, should you like something less usual or individual, please, contact any of the tourist offices in the region.

WHERE – WHY - HOW ........ trip tips:
- romantic trains,
- awheel towards magnificent views,
- the Hanička Fortress trip,
- tourism on the Šerlich Mountain,
- the charm of The Land Gate (Zemská brána),
- the traces of Jewry in the foothills of the Orlické Mountains,
- over the ridges to the neighbours,
- along the white piste
- ski resorts of the Orlické Mountains



The Hanička Fortress Trip

Rokytnice – Panské Pole 7 km, Panské Pole – Hanička 1,5 km
We advise the fortification-lovers to visit the Hanička artillery fortress, one of the largest fortress systems built in 1936 – 1938 for the defence of Czechoslovakia. Currently, the fortress is possessed by the town of Rokytnice v Orlických horách and during summer times it is open to the public. You can set out on this trip either by bike or by car.
The route Rokytnice v O.h. – Panské Pole (car-park for visitors) – 7 km long.
From Rokytnice v O.h. towards Bartošovice as far as you reach the car-park in Panské Pole. Leave you car there and follow on foot the red tourist-signs marking the route towards Anenský vrch as far as the fortress entrance. After 1,2 km there is a marked turn to the entrance building (leftwards), rightwards you will reach the surface buildings of the fortress. The guided tour through the fortress takes approx. 1,5 hrs during which you will visit a museum and walk along underground passages connecting the individual fortress buildings. Please, mind the fact that there is a steady temperature of 8°C in the fortress underground. For detailed information on the Hanička Fortress see the web-page:  .



The Šerlich Mountain

Rokytnice – Bartošovice – Neratov – Orlické Záhoří – Šerlich (by car, coach) 36 km,
Šerlich – Bukačka – Šerlišský mlýn – Šerlich (on foot) 7 km
Another possibility of spending a lovely time in the Orlické Mountains is a hiking trip along the mountain ridge. This route is suitable for families with children. The starting point is the Masaryk chalet on the Šerlich Moutanin summit. We advise you to reach the summit by car or by coach (you can leave the car on a car-park in the vicinity of the chalet along the road to Orlické Záhoří). So as to organise your trip in a more entertaining way, follow the just recommended route and admire the natural beauties and the local culture! More to that, the road from Bartošovice to Šerlich flanks the border on Poland which is partly created by the river Divoká Orlice. Along your way you will pass by the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Neratov which is worth visiting. The church has been undergoing an extensive renovation and is a sought-after pilgrim place.

Leave you car on the car-park bellow the Masaryk chalet on the Šerlich Mountain and set out on a hike towards the chalet in the vicinity of which you can find also a border tourist crossing to Poland. Walk from there towards Vrchmezí along the red tourist-sign route. You will walk though the Bukačka wilderness area, which is regarded to be a botanic garden of the Orlické Moutains. It protects many rare and endangered plant species. The wildwood can be seen also in the Sedloňovský vrch nature preserve (The Sedloňovský Hill). At the end of the area turn left and walk down to Šerlišský Mlýn (The Šerlišský Mill). It is a place beloved by kids thanks to its renowned blueberry cakes, if you taste them there, you will definitely be satisfied! From there walk along the blue tourist-sign route back to the Masaryk chalet. This route offers beautiful nature and views of the surroundings, you will also appreciate its undemanding character.



The Charm of Zemská brána (The Land Gate)

Rokytnice – Bartošovice – Zemská brána 12 km,
Educational trail Zemská brána – Klášterec – Zemská brána (on foot) 7 km
Another trip opportunity is a hike along the educational trail “Zemská brána” (“The Land Gate). The Land Gate is situated about 4 km past Bartošovice towards České Petrovice. The car-park is right at the historic bridge over the river Divoká Orlice (The Wild Orlice), which was built by Italian workmen in the years 1900 – 1903 and renovated after a destructive flood in 2004. The boulder river bed of the Divoká Orlice, which makes there its way through the ridge of the Orlické Mountains and enters Bohemia, is one of the favourite places of tourist interest and the visit rate is annually very high. The educational trail winds along the river to Klášterec nad Orlicí. Following it, you may discover many intriguing places informing about the life in its area and its fascinating nature, of-course. One of the well-known places there is the Smugglers´ Footbridge (Pašerácká lávka), which was renovated after a devastating flood and re-opened in 2002, and the Ledříček´s Rock (Ledřičkova skála). Any further narrative about those places would be premature now because one must experience them as a visitor. The trail is equipped with guide signs describing interesting places and phenomena. Should you expect of our region enchanting nature, you will definitely find it there. This route is suitable for families with children. And if you have grown inquisitive to find out more about the man whose name bears the aforementioned Ledřiček Rock, we may reveal now he was one of the outlaws of the mountains…



Rokytnice v O.h. – Pěticestí – The Kunštátská Chapel – Orl. Záhoří or Říčky

Go by coach to Panské Pole, walk along the red tourist sign up to the crossroads bellow Anenský vrch (4,5 km) further follow a direction to Mezivrší and Pěticestí (11,5 km) to the Kunštátská Chapel (Kunštátská kaple) and back (13,5 km). From Pěticestí you may descend to Orlické Záhoří (19,5 km) or Říčky (19 km) and take up a coach (bus stop) back to Rokytnice v O.h. Along the whole route you will pass by pre-war fortifications from the years 1936 – 1938 including the renowned Hanička artillery fortress. 



Rokytnice v O.h. – The Julinčino Valley - Zakletý - Pěticestí – Orlické Záhoří

From the square in Rokytnice v Orlických horách take up the yellow tourist-sign, at the stone bridge turn right (3,5 km) and along the blue sign walk through the Julinčino Valley (6,5 km). At the crossroads turn left and follow the yellow sign to the church in Říčky (8 km). Climb to the summit of the Zakletý Mountain (12 km) and to Pěticestí (13,5 km). Nearby, you may visit the Kunštátská chapel (15,5 km) and then descend to Orlické Záhoří (21,5 km) (bus stop), or back to Říčky (bus stop, 21 km in total).



Rokytnice v O.h. – The Anenský Hill – The Julinčino Valley

Take a coach to Panské Pole – Hanička, walk along the red tourist-sign to the crossroads bellow the Anenský Hill (5 km). Climb to the Anenský Hill and descend back (5,5 km). Walk along the blue sign to Říčky (11 km) and the Julinčino Valley (16 km). At the stone bridge turn right and walk along the yellow sign back to Rokytnice v O.h (19,5 km in total). 



Rokytnice v O.h. – Neratov (a pilgrim place)

Walk from Rokytnice along the blue tourist-sign to Panské Pole – Hanička (5 km) and further along the blue sign to Neratov (a pilgrim place with a baroque church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, for more info see: , 9 km). Back to Rokytnice either by coach or on foot along the same route.

Some trips to our northern neighbours – to Poland




A ski and holiday resort with many ski lifts, ski slopes and other activities. While driving towards Zielenec, you may stop and get off the car at two view terraces to enjoy beautiful scenery of the rolling landscape in this corner of Poland.



Duszniky Zdroj

A spa resort first mentioned already to 1329. We recommend a visit to the museum of the mould-made paper and to the always groomed spa park decorated with flowerbeds.

Polanica Zdroj

Another spa resort of the Kladsko Borderlands focuses on blood circulation diseases treatment. The town offers many beautiful parks with pruned greenery, a colonnade with occasional promenade concerts, cosy shops and a museum of minerals. The spa will seem even more hospitable if you enjoy a local ice cream while sitting on a bench and observing this town relaxed atmosphere.


You will admire a place which a grandmother of a famous Czech writer Božena Němcová visited during processions. This pilgrim place boasts a basilica of the Virgin Mary - Queen of Families which is accessible via 56 steps. You may follow the Stations of the Cross with 76 chapels. Wambierzyce is called Jerusalem of Lower Silesia. 

Kudowa Zdroj

In this town you can find also a museum of toys. Sports oriented tourists will enjoy a rope centre and under a suitable weather also an entertaining Aquapark. This spa town takes care of its parks. Do not miss your opportunity and enjoy a cup of coffee and a delicious dessert in some of the many cosy cafés.



If you arrive in Miedzigorze, one of the interesting holiday resorts of the Polish borderlands gradually developed since the mid-18th century, you will discover characteristic architecture and a beautiful waterfall on the stream Wilczka.

Klentno – The Bear Cave at Stronie Slaskie

The most enchanting and the largest Polish cave accessible to the public should not be missed by anyone touring the Polish borderlands. Almost three-kilometre long stroll in the underground with stalactic decoration will amaze you. This cave, discovered in October 1966, is hidden in the Stroma Mountain, which is a part of the Králický Sněžník Massif. Due to its popularity with tourists, it is necessary to make a reservation.


Ladek Zdroj

One of the oldest spas in Poland with many historic buildings. Architecture of the largest spa house “Vojtěch”, newly renovated, was inspired by the Turkish bathes. It originated in the late 17th century. Inside, there is a unique round Baroque swimming pool with curative water and a place where you can drink mineral water.



The number one place of tourist interest in the Kladsko region. The town is dominated by a fortress – a unique example of military architecture. In the centre you may find interesting to take a look at the town-hall building from 1890, the church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, where the first Archbishop of Prague Ernest of Pardubice was buried, or you may visit the Museum of the Kladsko Country. A Gothic stone bridge over the river Nysa Klodzka is likely to remind you of the famous Charles bridge in Prague. You can also try some of the dishes served at the local restaurants and thus taste some flavours of the Polish cuisine. 


Bystrzyca Klodzka

One of the nicest towns in Lower Silesia with a well-preserved medieval urban pattern of streets and lanes in its historic centre. It has become an attractive destination for tourists not only with respect to the many historic sights but also for its phillumenistic museum, which is the only one of its kind in Poland and one of the few in Europe.


The Bystřické Mountains

The ridge of the Bystřické Mountains runs alongside the main range of the Orlické Mountains on the Polish side of the state border. Their vast forests with a dense network of routes suitable for hiking and cycling will captivate your interest. The southern part is dominated by the Jagodna Massif (977 m above see level), the Northern part is characterised by undistinguished peaks of the Lomnicka Rówen (899 m above see level) and Smolna (870 m above see level). Beauty of those places will be fully appreciated by those who long for relaxation far away from the every-day fatigue, for piece and harmony. The Topielisko peat-moor with groomed paths and a wooden viewing tower ranks among the most visited places.
The Bystřické Mountains piedmont attracts tourists to visit picturesque spa townlets of Dusniky Zdroj and Polanica Zdroj, where mainly heart diseases and respiratory problems are treated.
Another hikers´ gate to the mountains worth of mentioning is the town of Bystřica Klodzka with a historic centre.
We recommend a visit to the many cosy cafés near to the colonnades in spa resorts, to taste a cup of tee (in Polish “herbatka”) or coffee and a dessert. Vast spa parks are ideal venues for summer music festivals and are also worth of visiting. This borderland area is a perfect place for a family trip and for a gathering of friends.


Groomed cross-country ski pistes in the Orlické Mountains (about 60 km)

Pistes along the ridge of the Orlické Mountains are seasonally mechanically groomed for winter sports lovers. Groomed pistes can be found between Rokytnice v O.h. and Olešnice v Orlických horách. The cross-country ski pistes along the ridge offer more then 60 km. If you feel like experiencing a real winter touristic enjoyment, we recommend to you this very opportunity. The groomed pistes quality is also suitable for sport-skiers´ training. Individual entrances to the pistes are easily accessible by a ski-bus or your own car. We advise you to pop into some of the tourist information centres of the Orlické Mountains and get a detailed map of the ski pistes before you set out on a trip.


Trips in the surroundings

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