Infocentrum Rokytnice v Orlických horách
Infocentrum Rokytnice v Orlických horách

Cyclotourism in the Orlické Mountains

Cyclotourism in the Orlické Mountains

Dear Visitors to the tourist region of the Orlické Mountains!

We daresay our region is a perfect place for cyclists. It boats a dense network of routes and trails leading across forests and plains in a broken terrain and also an inexhaustible number of cultural landmarks and places of tourist interest. Cycle routes and trails in the Orlické Mountains are suitable both for the demanding biker and for the family with children.In summer months you may take the so-called cyclobus which escorts bikers and their bikes to the highest places of the region (for a timetable of cyclobuses see the following web-pages, please:, , or consult the staff at any Tourist Information Centre in the region).

The Tourist Information Centre in Rokytnice v Orlických horách also offers the latest cyclomaps of the Orlické Mountains.


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