Infocentrum Rokytnice v Orlických horách
Infocentrum Rokytnice v Orlických horách

Database of Accommodation

Database of Accommodation

Database of Accommodation in Rokytnice v Orlických horách


The Rampušák Guest-House

restaurant, 11 rooms with own bathroom, total capacity of 30 beds,
T.G. Masaryk Square 5, Rokytnice v O.h., 517 61, phone, fax: 494 595 296,
contact: Jiří Pokorný,, ,

The Eduard Hotel

restaurant, day-long boarding possible, total capacity: 39 beds, a common bathroom,
Horská 205, Rokytnice v O.h., 517 61, phone: 603 153 113, 
contact: Kamil Pešek,

The Sporting Lodging-House 

capacity: 17 rooms with 2, 3, 4 and 6 beds, together 45 beds, a TV set, two kitchens, two day rooms, cycle and ski store, parking at the building, a common bathroom, half-board possible (for larger groups)
Zahradní 25, Rokytnice v O.h., 517 61, phone 736 111 407, 603 251 425,
phone, fax: 494 595 129, contact: Miroslav Lukášek,


The Terezka Guest-House

Rooms with 2, 3 and 5 beds available, capacity: 20 beds, a common bathroom for 2 rooms, a common room with a TV set and billiards, a mini-bar, guests may use the sauna and an outdoor swimming pool. Nr 21, 5. května Steet, Rokytnice v O.h., 517 61,
phone: 739 012 050, e-mail: ,
contact: Jaroslav Janeček


The Nad Rokytenkou Guest-House

5 three-bed rooms, max. 16 beds, a bathroom on the upper floor and on the ground-floor a bathroom with a whirlpool, a common room with a TV set and a satellite, a dinning room and a well-equipped kitchen, Internet access, guests can use an outdoor solar-heated swimming pool, own ski lift (250m) and own parking at the house.

Horní Rokytnice 375, Rokytnice v O.h., 517 61, phone: 602 467 120,
contact: Pavel Švandrlík

The Severák Guest-House 

capacity: 16 beds with own bathroom, a kitchen, 

Horní Rokytnice 374, Rokytnice v O.h., 517 61, 
phone: 494 595 441, 737 331 710, 732 288 101, ,
contact: Miloslav Lorenc

The Severka Guest-House 

offers two- and three-bed rooms with a TV set and a satellite, individual cooking in full-equipped kitchens, a large common room with a TV set, a garden for relaxation, a hearth and a gridiron for grilling, a cycle store, parking at the house, total capacity: 19 beds, Rokytnice v O.h. Nr 385, 517 61, phone: 603 514 124, 605 058 571
contact: Dana Vyskočilová

The Ivana Private Accommodation

offers two and three-bed rooms, together 7 beds, a kitchen,
Severní 520, Rokytnice v O.h., 517 61, phone: 494 595 184, 736 541 486, 
contact: Ivana Holubářová

The Rudolf Galle Private Accommodation

offers two premises, each one with eight beds in two, three and four-bed rooms,
a TV set and a satellite, own bathrooms,
Prostřední Rokytnice 524, Rokytnice v O.h., 517 61,
phone: 731 578 068, webpage:  , 
contact: Rudolf Galle,  

The Petrovi Apartments - Rokytnice v O.h.

accommodation in apartments for 4-6 persons in a new family house. It is a two-bed and a four-bed room with a common kitchen and a bathroom, own entrance, large ground around the house, an open air hearth with benches ...

Prostřední Rokytnice v O.h., Rokytnice v O.h., 517 61, phone: 721 846 594, for details consult Ms Vendula Petrová


The Basic School in Rokytnice v O.h. – accommodation

offers three six-bed rooms and a two-bed room, a common bathroom, meals can be ordered in advance at the school dining room: Školní 232, Rokytnice v O.h. 517 61, phone: 603 879 344, 731 554 697,  :
contact : Miroslav Rücker

The Apartments in Rokytnice v O.h.

A full-equipped two-room flat for four persons (an extra bed possible) located on the ground floor with a view of nature, parking at the house. The flat comprises a full-equipped kitchen, a TV set, a bathroom and a toilette. Suitable especially for sports-oriented visitors.
List of prices: winter season – CZK 220 per person and night + municipal charges, off-season - from CZK 180 per person and night + municipal charges. 5. května Street Nr 200, Rokytnice v O.h. 517 61, phone: 604 277 030, 603 255 253,
contact: Jiřina Michlová, e-mail: , web-page

The Farmhouse at the Pond

in a quiet quarter of the town, max five beds, a full-equipped kitchen, a TV set, a bathroom, an open-air hearth with benches, opportunity for angling
Rokytnice v O.h. 279, 517 61, phone: 494 595 548, 608 812 644
contact: Luboš Holenda

The Pytlák Guest-House (At The Poachers´)

Offers seven rooms with total capacity of 20 beds, each room with own bathroom, a kitchen, a TV set with a satellite, a terrace, a gridiron for grilling, an open-air swimming pool, a children playground, half-board,
Dolní Rokytnice Nr 287, Rokytnice v O.h., 517 61, 
contact: Petr Říha, phone: 603 481 935, 606 949 846, e-mail:


The U Hudousků Accommodation

capacity max for five people, an individual bathroom, a TV set, a kitchen, for non-smokers, 
Dolní Rokytnice 100, Rokytnice v O.h. 517 61, phone: 739 168 353, e-mail:
contact: Vladimír Hudousek



offers a six-bed room with a bathroom, a four-bed room with a bathroom and a three-bed room with a bathroom, a common room with a bar, a TV set with a satellite, the guests are welcome to use the terrace with a pergola and two gridirons for grilling. 

Horní Rokytnice, located 2 100 m off the square, Rokytnice v O.h., phone: 774 075 050, 494 595 477 

contact: Jan Balada


The Lenka Cabin

A log-cabin, four three-bed rooms, total capacity is twelve beds, a bathroom with an electric water heating, two toilettes, full-equipped kitchen, a TV set with a satellite, a heating with an electric stove and a hot-blast fireplace, a table tennis,Rokytnice v O.h. Nr 72, 517 61, phone: 608 449 103, e-mail:
contact: Lenka Lněníčková 

The Lada Lodging-House

offers two, three, four, five, six and seven-bed rooms, total capacity is 29 beds, a common bathroom, a TV set, a radio, a kitchen, Panské Pole, Rokytnice v O.h. 517 61, phone: 495 543 443, 607 708 791, 
contact: Ladislav Bartoš

The Na Čtyřce Cabin   

Offers two three-bed rooms and two extra beds, a common bathroom, a kitchen, a dining room, Nebeská Rybná Nr 4, Rokytnice v O.h. 517 61, phone: 736 753 700,
contact: Petr Mareš, The Orlicko Company
The Private Accommodation Prvosenka  (The Primrose)

accommodation at the cabin for eight persons, two three-bed rooms with an extra bed, each with an individual bathroom. A common kitchen equipped for cooking. Rokytnice v O.h. 517 61, phone: 494 595 081, 604 588 162

contakct: J.  Špaček


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